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Trust-worthy Christian Counseling

Clinically competent -- Culturally sensitive -- Biblically sound

New Seasons Counseling works with pastors in two ways. First, we serve as a professional resource to whom you can confidently refer your parishioners and congregants for help with chronic, severe mental health issues, marriage and family issues, pre-marital counseling, grief and loss, or adjustment issues.

The second way we can help is by offering you, your spouse, your family and ministry colleagues a confidential counseling service because we understand that ministry families face unique situations and need a safe place to go.

When we serve as the professional, trusted resource for your congregation and those you love, you can expect these services:

1)    Whole-person care of the mind, body and spirit
2)    Addressing difficult behaviors, mood disorders, life issues and addictions with respect, courtesy and empathy
3)    Preparation of couples for the 1st or 2nd+ marriage
4)    Marriage counseling with traditional Biblical family values, but without judgment or shaming
5)    Creating a protocol for referring to our professional services
6)    Reducing the stigmatization of mental illness by educating families on mental health issues

New Seasons will meet with you, the pastor, and your staff to explain our services and answer your questions. We currently serve as a professional mental health resource for other area churches and can offer a discounted rate once we have met with you. Please call us to set up an appointment for further information at 678-788-6025.