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Trainee Comments

What trainees are saying about our 2018 workshops:

"Actually, this was one of the most useful and affirming workshops I have attended in years.  Thank you I really enjoyed this day."

"This is honestly the most informative training I have ever been to.  So much info I will use daily."

"This workshop was awesome!"

"Excellent presentation!"

"Wonderful training!"

"Great job explaining complicated medical concepts; learned several new things especially about biological/generational effects on future kids."

"Workshop was impressive, informative and practical for therapeutic use."

"LaVerne is an awesome presenter -- engaging, funny, smart!!!"

"..the presenter and presentation were straight forward and contributed to my understanding of the course itself. The presentation also strengthened my approach to treatment planning."

"Excellent, engaging presentation."

"This workshop was great and very informative; great information."

I learned so many intervention ideas....that I can use. I also enjoyed the group interactions and plan to utilize the skills learned. In my opinion, the training was well organized and informative."

"Thank you!  Very detailed and informative information."

"Dr. Hanes-Stevens is a knowledgeable and excellent presenter."

"Excellent presentation!!! Perfect workshop!"

"Very satisfied. I appreciate the wealth of information. I plan to take future courses with New Seasons."

"Awesome workshop! I really enjoyed the material and your professional style. Thank you!"

"Great workshop.  I look forward to more."

"Continue with these excellent workshops provided by Dr. Stevens."